Skream! (album)
Studio album by Skream
Artist Skream
Released 2006
Genre Dubstep
Length 61:16
Label Tempa
Skream chronology
Outside the Box (2010)

Skream! is the self-titled, début album by dubstep producer Skream. It was released in 2006 on the Tempa label. Aside from CD and MP3 recordings, this album was also released on vinyl across three plates, with a different track listing.

CD Track listing

  1. "Tortured Soul"
  2. "Midnight Request Line"
  3. "Blue Eyez"
  4. "Auto-Dub"
  5. "Check It" (featuring Warrior Queen)
  6. "Stagger"
  7. "Dutch Flowerz"
  8. "Rutten"
  9. "Tapped" (featuring JME)
  10. "Kut-Off"
  11. "Summer Dreams"
  12. "Colourful"
  13. "Emotionally Mute"

Vinyl Track Listing

  1. A1 "Stagger"
  2. B1 "Blue Eyez"
  3. B2 "Tortured Soul"
  4. C1 "Kut-Off"
  5. D1 "Rutten"
  6. D2 "Colourful"
  7. E1 "Check-It" (Instrumental)
  8. F1 "Dubbers Anonymous"
  9. F2 "Midnight Request Line" (Digital Mystikz Remix)
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