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Songly Wings[]

Songly Wings - a digital independent music label focused on working with artists from furry and related fandoms in the genre of electronic dance music

Founded in May 2021. Launched on December 31 of the same year

Initially, it was positioned exclusively as a bass label. However, due to the influx of phantom performers with a more expanded range of genres, the positioning has been significantly expanded


  • Amireal
  • DEW_ANG (Former member)
  • Disyass
  • dtele
  • Fester Fox (Former member)
  • FurBanzai
  • ilhell
  • Lawrence the Wolf
  • LemonFur
  • Norbert
  • PunchDrunk
  • Rising Eagle (Founder)
  • Satanic Goose
  • Valta
  • Velour Vibrissae
  • Zero Chaotic (Former member)
  • Zuziarine
  • Zvykar