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Step Two is a extended-play created by LAXX that was published on the 7 April 2014. This was his second EP on Never Say Die Records.


Track No. Name Artist(s) Length Remixer(s) Genre(s)
1 Brainbug LAXX 3:44 Trap / Wave
2 Step Two LAXX 5:08 Dubstep
3 The Limit LAXX 3:12 Trap / Wave
4 Brainbug LAXX 4:06 MUST DIE! Dubstep


  • LAXX's backstory on the track:
    • "This is the next step in my sound, style and I'm bringing something new to the table. I wanted to take it to a new level, and it does that 100%% - bring your bass faces." "The track 'Brainbug' is sketchy off-beat roller, in a similar style to 'The Unknown', but on another level. The skip in the vocals came about after a while and with massive subs and an epic intro, it's definitely not for the faint hearted. 'Step Two' has been a long awaited track - people have hit me up ever since I mentioned it, and I knew it had to bring something new that 'Step One' didn't have. I love it - makes me screw up my face just hearing it on a small system. 'The Limit' is my take on a lot of squeaky things I've been hearing lately, but I wanted to do something with a massive build up and a minimal drop to keep it fresh. It's so simple but it's definitely one of my favourites off the EP just because of the vibe."