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The Beginning is an extended play released by Resistance on the 24th February 2014.


Track No. Name Artist(s) Length Remixer(s) Genre(s)
1 The Beginning Resistance 5:06 House / Electro House
2 Hands Up! Resistance 5:43 House / Electro House
3 Danger Resistance 5:16 House / Electro House
4 The Beginning Resistance 4:11 BAR9 Dubstep


  • Resistance's backstory of this EP:
    • "The title of the new EP 'The Beginning' fits what we're doing right now as it's very much the beginning of a brand new chapter in our production. We're new boys at Never Say Die but are in no way new to electronic dance music. We've brought different techniques and influences with us from other scenes and smashed together a bashy, no-holds-barred electro hybrid. It's an exciting time for us as our sound is developing with every new tune we write and it's good that we can take the listeners along for ride. We are Resistance. Who we are is not important."