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'Truth' alongside damage from an earthquake.

Truth is a Dubstep duo named Tristan Roake and Andre Fernandez.

The theory that isolation breeds creativity has never been as apt as it is for Truth, a Dubstep outfit hailing from one of the world’s most southern cities. What began as a musical experiment has now become something much more significant.

While based in New Zealand, Truth has toured extensively including two USA tours and three tours of the UK and Europe. They can be found regularly playing in New Zealand and Australia.

Artist Discovery

A chance encounter with dubstep visionary Mala late in 2007 inspired the New Zealand trio, who have been working together for years, to try their hand at a new sound – one comprising serious sub bass and snares so nasty they make eyes water. Within days of slipping Mala a handful of tunes made in as many days, Truth had been signed to its label Deep Media – widely regarded as one the most progressive in the scene, alongside a cluster of highly respected artists including Loefah, Kromestar, Silkie & Quest and Goth Trad. Truth’s style defies categorization, encompassing an array of melodies and vocals within spacious beats that range from half-step stoppers like ‘The Fatman’ to deeper tunes like ‘Stolen Children’. Julian Van Auden left the group in early 2011 and now performs under his solo name Gamble. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.



  1. 2010 Puppets - Aquatic Lab BCD
  2. 2011 Puppets Special Edition - Aquatic Lab Lambda
  3. 2014 Hollow World - Firepower Records
  4. 2017 Wilderness Of Mirrors - Disciple
  5. 2018 Wilderness Of Mirrors (Remixes) - Disciple


  1. 2009 The Fatman/Stolen Children - Deep Medi Musik Medics
  2. 2009 No Grudge (with Alix Perez & Lynx) on "1984"- Shogun Audio
  3. 2009 Terror Planet/ Disappear - Aquatic Lab LAB
  4. 2009 Payback - Optimums Grime Recordings
  5. 2009 Truth Revelation/Lost at Sea (12 - Aquatic Lab LAB
  6. 2010 Time shift/Hackers - Bola
  7. 2010 Burglar/Dead Silence - Aquatic Lab LAB
  8. 2010 Truth & Dutty Ranks Bombay Sapphire/ Worlds Apart - Argon
  9. 2010 Truth - Juno/Under Current - Aquatic Lab
  10. 2010 Soundest - Optimums Grime Recordings
  11. 2010 Amnesia/International - Deep Medi Musik Medi
  12. 2010 Stranger Than Fiction EP (Bub Ho Step/Wednesday/Stay/The Future) - Disfigured Dub
  13. 2010 Perfect Combination - self-released free download
  14. 2011 The Fatman VIP/Dreams Can Never Come True - Deep Medi Musik
  15. 2011 Losing You (with Dutty Ranks) - Abyss
  16. 2011 Feel (with Silkie) on "City Limits Vol.2" - Deep Medi Musik
  17. 2014 Undeniable - Deep, Dark & Dangerous
  18. 2015 The Ark - Firepower
  19. 2015 Monumental - Deep, Dark & Dangerous
  20. 2016 Devli's Game - Deep Dark & Dangerous
  21. 2016 War Of The Minds - Deep Medi Musik
  22. 2017 Lion - Deep Medi Musik
  23. 2018 The Pack (with the Upbeats) - Disciple
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