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Twyzen is an Indian Bass Music Producer & DJ from Kolkata, India. He has been producing since he was 16. He was introduced to Dubstep by a friend and later when he discovered the subgenre 'Deathstep', he found it the perfect fit for his musical vision.

Twyzen combines Deathstep, a genre popularized by artists such as Code: Pandorum and Evilwave with his signature horrifying orchestral/metal breaks and a strong melody. He has previously released with BlackTalk Records.

In 2021, Twyzen founded a new record label named 'Calignin Records' with the intent of promoting the Indian Bass Music scene.

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The Twyzen Logo


Twyzen - Samael (Official Music Video) BlackTalkRecords

Official Video of Samael released by BlackTalk Records


  • Samael (2020)
  • Paimon (2019)