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Veggie Friends (Remixes) is a remix compilation of Infekt's 27 October 2023 EP Veggie Friends. The compilation released on 26 January 2024 through Disciple Recordings. The compilation's runtime is minutes and seconds.

Disciple again collaborated with Empty Stomach on the cover artwork, as was the case for each individual original and remixed single. Empty Stomach also features on the compilation, with his remix of Take That!.


No. Title Genre Runtime
01. Game On (Decimate Remix) Trench 03:38
02. Be Kind (ECRAZE Remix) Dubstep 02:34
03. Be Kind (HAMRO Remix) Trench 03:00
04. Be Kind, Rewind (Calcium Remix) Dubstep 03:01
05. Be Kind, Rewind (EMORFIK Remix) Dubstep 02:37
06. Be Kind, Rewind (Riot Ten Remix) Dubstep 03:29
07. Feedback (Automhate Remix) Trench 03:19
08. Feedback (Sora Remix) Trench 03:21
09. Timekeeper (BAINBRIDGE Remix) Dubstep 03:18
10. Timekeeper (Versa Remix) Trench 02:56
11. Internet G (Space Wizard Remix) Dubstep 03:00
12. Internet G (Syzy Remix) Dubstep 03:05
13. Chef's Kiss (Blankface Remix) Trench 03:48
14. Chef's Kiss (Samplifire Remix) Dubstep 03:41
15. Take That! (MAD DUBZ Remix) Trench 03:46
16. Take That! (Empty Stomach Remix) Dubstep 02:21
17. Jiggle Jam (Jessica Audiffred Remix) Dubstep 02:28
18. Jiggle Jam (Jiqui Remix) Dubstep 02:51