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Very Extra
Very Extra cover
EP by Dion Timmer
Artist Dion Timmer
Released December 4, 2018
Recorded 2016 - 2018
Genre Brostep, Dubstep, Synthwave
Length 35:87 seconds
Label Self-Released
Dion Timmer chronology
Textacy (Remixes)
Very Extra (2018) Very Extra II: Enter Achroma

Very Extra EP is the sixth EP from Dion Timmer. Very Extra is branded as a double EP instead of an album. Dion Timmer tweeted out his reasoning.

“This release contains 5 vibey tunes and 5 angry ones, there is a divide in the track list. To me it doesn’t feel like an album, it feels like I’m releasing two different EPs at the same time!”

Track Listing:[]

No Title Genere Length
1 Playable Dynamic Sounds Lyrics Ambient 3:31
2 The Best Of Me (Ft. The Arcturians) Synthwave 4:33
3 Calling Me Dubstep 4:10
4 Can You Hear Me (Ft. Azuria Sky) Synthwave 3:37
5 Beneath The Waves (Ft. Azuria Sky) Chill 3:50
6 Dreaming Out Loud Dubstep 3:45
7 Very Extra Brostep 3:44
8 Because Of You Dubstep 3:15
9 Barrows Ballad Bass House 4:11
10 Identity Crisis (Ft. Rexex) Grime 3:15