Virtual Riot
General Information
Real Name Christian Valentin Brunn
Location Germany
Occupation(s) DJ & Electronic Music Production
Genre(s) Electro, Dubstep, Glitch-hop, Future Bass
Years Active 2010-Present
Label(s) Disciple Recordings
Social Links
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Christian Valentin Brunn, better known by his stage name Virtual Riot, is a German DJ and electronic music producer. At the age of 21, he has released several albums and EPs, most notably his 2013
Virtual Riot
album, "There Goes Your Money." He was signed to the independent music label Disciple Recordings in 2014.

He has had numerous Beatport chart hits including "One For All, All For One " with Razihel and "Cali Born" with Helicopter Showdown.

Other electronic music outlets, such as YourEDM, have called his music "non-traditional" and "edgy," comparing him to artists like Savant.

Virtual Riot has amassed over 281,000 followers on SoundCloud  and is increasing rapidly, where he has released over 100 tracks, beginning with a "rock-pop" piece entitled "Wake Me Up", and most recently with his EP 'German Engineering'. He also has exceeded 322,000 subscribers on YouTube where he uploads songs, monologues and tutorials on music production.

Prior to producing under the alias "Virtual Riot", Valentin Brunn produced ambient dubstep and future garage music under another alias known as Your Personal Tranquilizer and Code Generator. He stated in a livestream on his account that his works under that alias are "somewhere on YouTube", that being the YouTube channel "stollentroll32" featuring Valentin playing piano, and making domino videos.

On 25th April 2018, A Russian hacker had hacked the StollenTroll32 YouTube channel and completely ruined each and every video by changing the thumbnail, title and the description of each video.

Valentin later declared he'd just, "Delete the channel".


Barely Alive (Left), Dubloadz (Middle) Virtual Riot (Right)

In the late 2016 and early 2015 he was a part of the dubstep trio known as "Chodegang" along with Barely Alive and Dubloadz from Disciple. Which was later discontinued due some internal affairs between Barely Alive and Dubloadz.

Virtual Riot has also produced several sample and preset packs for music producers, with some of his most popular packs being his 2014 self-titled sample packon Prime Loops, and his preset packs for VST's like Native Instruments' Massive and Xfer Records' Serum.

His studio mascot is a little elephant (also known as Fant), his girlfriend (Miss Neko) bought him for his 20th birthday.


  • There Goes Your Money (2013) [SectionZ Records]
  • The Classics (2017) [Self Released]


  • From Space EP (2011) [Phantom Hertz Recordings]
  • Transmission EP (2011) [Phantom Hertz Recordings]
  • Super Human EP (2012) [Quantum]
  • Drop Some EP (2013) [Bass Liberation]
  • Sugar Rush EP (2013) [Audiophile Live]
  • Sugar Rush Remixes EP (2013) [Audiophile Live]
  • We're Not Alone EP (2014) [Disciple Records]
  • We're Not Alone Remixes EP (2014) [Disciple Records]
  • 100% No Bangers EP (2014) [Self-Released]
  • Nightmare EP (2015) [Disciple Records]
  • Machinery EP (2015) [Disciple Records]
  • Chemistry EP (2016) [Disciple Records]
  • Chemistry (The Remixes) EP (2016) [Disciple Records]
  • Throw Back (2017) [Disciple Records]
  • Still Kids EP (2017) [Spirited Records]
  • German Engineering EP (2018) [Disciple Records]
  • Preset Junkies EP (2018) [Disciple Records]


  • Idols (EDM Mashup) (2013) [Free]
  • Superheroes (with Panda Eyes) (2015) [Free]


  • Another Way (2012) [Quantum]
  • Superhuman (featuring Amba Shepherd) (2012) [Quantum]
  • Energy Drink (2013) [Self-Released]
  • One For All, All For One (with Razihel) (2013) [Monstercat]
  • Paper Planes (2014) [Self-Released / NoCopyrightSounds]
  • Earth & Sky (2014) [Self-Released]
  • Thwek (With Mr. Bill) (2014) [SectionZ Records]
  • Rampage (2014) [Self-Released]
  • Fuck Gravity (2014) [Self-Released]
  • Lunar (2015) [Self-Released]
  • Mittens Is Angry (2015) [Self-Released]
  • Yonaka (2015) [Self-Released]
  • Disintegrate (2015) [Spirited.]
  • Alien (with Dodge & Fuski) (2015) [Disciple Records]
  • Preset Junkies (2015) [Self-Released / UKF]
  • Dragons (2016) [Disciple Records]
  • Shindeiru (2018) [Disciple Records]
  • Continue (2018) [Disciple Records X Jericho]

Original compilation features:

  • Illusion Machine (2012) [Phantom Hertz Recordings]
  • Gangsters (2014) [Disciple Records]
  • Beyond (2015) [Disciple Records]


  • Never Let You Go (with Crystal Drop & Bunjee) (2012) [Bass Liberation]
  • Cali Born (with Helicopter Showdown) (2013) [Anemnesis]
  • Where Are You (with Sub.Sound) (2013) [Audiophile Live]
  • One For All, All For One (with Razihel) (2013) [Monstercat]
  • Symphony (with Jonas Minor) (2014) [Disciple Records]
  • Thwek (with Mr. Bill) (2014) [SectionZ Records]
  • Nightmare (with Autodrive; feat. Splitbreed) (2015) [Disciple Records]
  • Fatal Fist Punch (with Megalodon) (2015) [Never Say Die Records]
  • Alien (with Dodge & Fuski) (2015) [Disciple Records]
  • Feel The Bass (with JVST SAY YES) (2015) [Disciple Records]
  • Borg (with FuntCase) (2016) [Disciple Records]
  • Showdown (with ShockOne) (2016) [Disciple Records]
  • Juices (with Dubloadz) (2016) [Disciple Records]
  • Leave It Behind (with 12th Planet; feat. Ash Riser) (2016) [Disciple Records]
  • Graveyard Shift (with Bukez Finezt) (2016) [Disciple Records]
  • Gully Squad (with 12th Planet & Twine) (2016) [Smog Records]
  • Nasty (with Datsik) (2016) [Firepower Records]
  • Kung Fu (with PhaseOne) (2017) [Disciple Records]
  • Beat Dem Up (with Dirtyphonics) (2017)
  • Rampage (with Myro, Barely Alive & PhaseOne) (2018) [Disciple Records]
  • Warriors Of The Night (with Datsik) (2018) [[[Firepower Records]]]
  • Triforce (with Panda Eyes & Barely Alive) (2018) [Disciple Records)
  • Get Lemon (with 12th Planet, Barely Alive, Dodge & Fuski, Eliminate, Hatcha, Fox Stevenson, Modestep, Myro, Oolacile, Panda Eyes, PhaseOne & Truth) (2018) [Disciple Records]
  • By My Side (with Barely Alive & Modestep) (2018) [Disciple Records]
  • Dog Fight (2018) [Disciple Records]


  • Basis - "Speaker Fuck (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2011) [Phantom Hertz Recordings]
  • Submatik & Phil feat. Holly Drummond - "One (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2012) [Self-Released/Free]
  • Nick Galea - "Now That You're Gone (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2012) [One Eighty]
  • Crystal Drop, Bunjee & Virtual Riot - "Never Let You Go (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2012) [Bass Liberation]
  • Lisa Rowe - "Black Light (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2012) [Self-Released/Free]
  • Aura Dione - "In Love With The World" (2012) [Universal Music Germany]
  • off/chopped. - "Million Miles (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2012) [Self-Released/Free]
  • Submatik - "Stories Can Wait (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Quantum]
  • Lock N Bounce - "Bad News (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Jet Set Trash]
  • 1OAKS - "Where Do We Go (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Warner Music Germany]
  • MNRS - "Arms (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Konkordski]
  • Britney Spears - "Work Bitch (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [RCA/Sony]
  • Claire - "Next Ones To Come (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Polydor/Island/Universal]
  • Youthkills - "Time Is Now (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Polydor/Island/Universal]
  • Teqq vs. Alive & Kicking - "Mistake (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Modern Chap]
  • Bring Me The Horizon - "Can You Feel My Heart (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Self-released/Free]
  • Left Boy - "Get It Right (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Self-released/Free]
  • Barely Alive feat. Spock & Directive - "Chasing Ghosts (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2014) [Disciple Recordings]
  • NIHILS - "Lovers On The Run (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2014) [Self-Released]
  • Astronaut - "Quantum (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2014) [Monstercat]
  • Skrillex - "Fire Away (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2014) [Self-Released/Free]
  • Barely Alive - "Dial Up (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2014) [Disciple Recordings]
  • Au5 - "Follow You (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2014) [Monstercat]
  • Lana Del Rey - "Ultraviolence (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2014) [Self-Released/Free]
  • MUST DIE! - "Together (Virtual Riot Bootleg)" (2014) [Self-Released/Free]
  • Porter Robinson - "Lionhearted (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2015) [Self-Released/Free]
  • Animal Music - "I've Got You (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2015) [MUK Records]
  • Zedd - "True Colors (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2015) [Interscope/Universal]
  • Excision - "Codename X (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2016) [Rottun Recordings]
  • Flux Pavilion & Matthew Koma - "Emotional (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2016) [Self-Released/Free]
  • Barely Alive - "Binary (Barely Alive & Virtual Riot Remix)" (2016) [Disciple Recordings]
  • LDRU - "Next To You (Virtual Riot & Barely Alive Remix)" (2016)
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