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Virus cover
Studio album by Excision
Artist Excision
Released October 25th, 2016
Recorded 2016
Genre Dubstep
Length 1:05:12 seconds
Label Rottun Recordings
Excision chronology
Virus (2016) Virus (Remixes)

Virus is the 3rd studio album from Excision. It was released on October 25th, 2016. It contains 16 songs and the album's length is 1 hour and 5 minutes, making it Excision's longest studio album he's released to date.


Track Listing:[]

No. Title Genre Length
1. Virus Drumstep 5:31
2. Neck Brace (feat. Messinian) Dubstep 4:21
3. Throwin' Elbows (with Space Laces) Dubstep 3:03
4. Rave Thing Drumstep 4:32
5. Drowning (feat. Akylla) Melodic Dubsttep 3:50
6. Africa (with Dion Timmer) Dubstep 4:03
7. Are You Ready (with Protohype) Dubstep 3:02
8. Death Wish (feat. Sam King) Dubstep / Trap / Rock 3:06
9. Mirror (with Dion Timmer) Bass House 4:15
10. Generator Hybrid Trap 4:35
11. G Shit (with Sam King) Dubstep 3:47
12. Her (with Dion Timmer) Melodic Dubstep 4:10
13. With You (feat. Madi) Melodic Dubstep 4:36
14. Final Boss (with Dion Timmer) Dubstep 3:24
15. The Paradox Dubstep 4:54
16. Harambe (with Datsik & Dion Timmer) Dubstep 4:03


The hype for this album began when Excision tweeted about his Shambhala Mix coming out soon and also mentioning that an album would soon follow up. The album's most popular songs right now are Throwin' Elbows, Virus, Harambe, The Paradox, Final Boss and With You.