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Voltage cover
Studio album by Skrillex
Artist Skrillex
Released Intended 2012 (Cancelled in 2011)
Recorded 2011
Genre Dubstep, Electronic
Label Atlantic Records
Skrillex chronology
More Monsters and Sprites EP
Voltage (2011) Bangarang


Voltage is an unreleased canceled album by, Skrillex. It was intended to release sometime during 2012, but his hard drive was stolen while producing the album, leaving an album's worth of unreleased music lost.

Tracks that were to be featured on the album were later released on other projects. The Bangarang EP was released with the tracks that Skrillex still had in his possession, such as Right In, Kyoto & Summit. Those three had alternative names & mixes such as Right Here, Dimbow & Breathe. But As Of 2022, Dimbow Is Replaced By San Diego VIP & Bug Hunt, Pt. 1.5 Is Added To The Album.

As for the two other tracks. Make it Bum Dem was released as a single in 2012 & Try It Out had 3 alternatives mixes. They would all release in the Try It Out EP on October 14th, 2013. Try It Out would make an appearance again on his debut album Recess.

A few tracks have leaked over the years. Those being Amplifire, True Gangsters & Voltage. There are also alternatives to Amplifire & Turmoil. Amplifire had Skrillex rapping over it & a different drop. As for Turmoil, it had an alternative build-up.

Tracklist: (Rumoured)[]

(This tracklist is unofficial. But these were the rumored tracks & tracks he played on his Mothership tour. Up to 15 tracks were planned for the release, but because of the stolen hard drive, this tracklist was planned after the crime)

No Title Genre Length
1 Voltage Dubstep 4:37
2 True Gangsters Dubstep 3:05
3 San Diego VIP (Nothing Yet) Dubstep 4:35
4 Turmoil, Pt. 2 (VIP Mix) Dubstep 3:05
5 Breathe (feat. Krewella) Dubstep 3:17
6 Amplifire (with Diplo) Electro 3:03
7 Right Here Dubstep 3:41
8 Try It Out (Original Mix) [feat. Alvin Risk] Dubstep 3:52
9 Make It Bum Dem (Original Mix) [with Damian Jr Marley] Dubstep 4:15
10 Bug Hunt, Pt. 1.5 (feat. Noisia & John C. Reilly) Electro 7:05