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Imar Forbes, also known as Zaruflo, is a multi-genre music producer known for his versatility and unique soundscapes. Raised in the Bronx, New York, Forbes has made significant contributions to various musical genres, ranging from hip-hop to electronic music. He was formerly known as "RYKEL!"

Personal Life

Growing up in such a culturally hood and diverse area, he was exposed to a wide range of musical influences from an early age. The vibrant musical scene of the Bronx, known for its pivotal role in the birth of hip-hop, played a crucial role in shaping Forbes' musical tastes and aspirations.

Forbes began experimenting with music production in his teens, utilizing various software and equipment to create his own beats and tracks. His early works were heavily influenced by the hip-hop culture of his surroundings, but he soon began to explore other genres, incorporating elements of electronic, R&B, pop, and more into his productions.

Styles and Influences

Imar Forbes' music is characterized by its eclectic mix of genres and innovative sound design. His productions often feature intricate beats, lush melodies, and a blend of both organic and electronic elements. Forbes cites a wide range of influences, from the hip-hop legends of the Bronx to pioneering electronic musicians and contemporary pop artists.



  • [XHYPO EP] (2024)
  • [HYDROCLENIC EP] (2023)
  • [CROSSFADE EP] (2022)


  • [LUV 2 U (VIP)] (2023)
  • [BAD BWOY] (2023}
  • [BAD BWOY VIP] (2024)

Featured Collaborations[]

  • [AMBATUKAM] with [White Slate] (2023)
  • [WORLD CUP] with [Yeeto] (2023)
Bad bwoy